Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dingle Hoppers!

Below is Jecka's best description of what (it's really an artichoke holder used in steaming) she drew randomly out of a brown paper bag after watching the segment from The Little Mermaid where Ariel finds a fork and Scuttle tells her that it is a "Dingle Hopper":

The Hamstring
This is called the Hamstring. In olden days the ladies used it to hold up their hair. This is how they did it: First, they put their hair on top of their head, then they stuck a Hamstring on top of their hair. They they wore it around. It was very fashionable back in the day!
For special days like Sunday or holidays, they would do it the same as on other days, but they would put a colorful cloth over it. They wanted to look their best on those days. They also had a contest to see who could find the best cloth in the land to look their best, of course! The men always looked forward to those days.
The Hamstring was sometimes worn by boys if they really wanted to find a lady, but they didn't wear cloth over it. Instead they stuck toilet paper on it.
The women considered themselves lucky if they found a guy with a Hamstring on, but it didn't happen very often. When the boys did do it, they would try to find as much toilet paper as they could and try to glue it into the Hamstring so it would look just like a hat. It was awesome back in the day, but I probably wouldn't wear it now, though, even if they were so cool and very stylish.

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